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I was born in Lyon in 1953.


After holding a para medical profession for a few years, I bracketed to raise my children.


I always liked to draw and tried several technics before I discovered the Pastel about ten years ago, now I completely dedicate myself into this.


This pigment of unparalleled richness is perfect for my sensitivity. I love its texture and the multiple possibilities of realization he offers and I am far from having explored all tracks.


I have taken courses under the auspices of several renowned teachers.


I especially like to paint portraits of children, girls especially, as well as flowers and still lifes.


I am a member of the Pastel Art in France, PSEC (Pastel Society East Canada), several other association of Pastelist in France and the French Pastel Society where I teach.


I participate in many international exhibitions where I had the honor to be awarded.

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